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Transportation-Africa Series

December 28, 2016


Africa has an opportunity to pioneer transportation technology in creative ways never seen before. Transportation challenges in Africa are real, and some ideas to reduce them are:

Driverless Technology Pilot (DTP):

In rural areas, we can test this innovation to help the rural population by using overhead wire technology developed organically.

This allows an opportunity to use the driverless model to move people around and automate the process. University Center will pilot this initiative and work within communities that have little or no road network.

Locally-Made Approach to Materials (LMAM)

Raw materials are sourced locally; soil scientists engaged with innovative ways of making road construction cheaper and making them fit our weather conditions. There is a world-renowned scientist in Nigeria who proposed some ground works that are good for highways (Dr. “Get the name”).

Local Assembly Plants and Innovation

Africa must establish homegrown cars designed for our roads. The technology exists; we will embrace manufacturing and promote African-made cars for use. This must begin with a mandate for all local, state, and federal bodies to use this car going forward.

Rail Network Initiative

Rail technology has been embraced as a national initiative. The African Nations can declare a year for railroads during which we use the skills and services of youth coming out of college as part of a two-year federal program. In this program, young people are taught skills, paid, and groomed to develop rail infrastructures across the country. A pilot program expanded over time should be a model.

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