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Agriculture-Africa Series

December 24, 2016


The emphasis is no longer on agriculture as people knew it in the past; today’s era is all about agribusiness. The billionaires of the next decade will be ‘Agric entrepreneurs’, as African Development Bank (ADB) President Adeshina stated.

The current state:

Challenges to agriculture range from land act laws to the perception of poverty and from poor infrastructure to waste. Indeed, waste does occur! Waste is one of the most painful results of failure to explore the end-to-end value chain of agriculture.

The future state:

  1. Agribusiness Model:

Agriculture in Africa must replicate a model of effective waste elimination and the end-to-end value chain of our products. This approach will allow people to treat agriculture as a business.

Youth sensitisation:

Instilling agribusiness awareness into the youth entails showing its potential benefits and the innovation involved. This knowledge will make the profession attractive and help to increase capacity in agribusiness.

Pioneer drone technology:

African colleges and universities should embrace drone technology for fertilizer spraying, pesticide spraying, and monitoring of the agricultural landscape.

Investment in Research and Development (R&D):

Continous purposeful efforts in R&D in the areas of soil, technology, distribution, value chain, business proposals, and planning are vital.

Keep My Community (KMC)

The initiative will mandate every student, community, and religious body to campaign for every citizen to plant one tree yearly and take pride in and responsibility for it in the community.

Ideation Bank (IB Initiative)

This initiative will allow every citizen to put together one plan to make the community food sufficient. A competition will be organized, and funding will be raised at the local level for top initiatives. There will be community banks focused on local farmers and providing loans, management skills, and advice to them.

Agric Technology Incubator (ATI)

Universities, Polytechnics, and secondary schools will be active in coming up with new technology to advance agriculture locally. The use of the Internet of things (IOT) has embraced for aqua farming, poultry, agri-product distribution, the supply chain, satellite imagery, etc.

Satellite Imagery & Spatial Analysis

This is the use of advanced technology via space agencies and partners to analyze soils, erosion, irrigation, planning, etc.

Land Act Laws:

A modification and update of land act laws will make leases on land attractive for farmers. Dedicated lands for farming will be encouraged. There will be laws protecting agriculture and promoting the export of farm produce.

Agri-Information Squad:

The information department dedicated to informing farmers and agri-businesses on the trends, opportunities, community banks, and opportunities for micro-financing. Global agri-opportunities such as ACOA in the United States are for duty-free products import to the United States, creating a bilateral program to promote products.

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