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Science & Technology-Africa Series

December 28, 2016


Science and technology are closely connected with a vital element, education. Science and technology will require some radical approaches. Although there is no “silver bullet” in terms of what will work, here are some radical proposals:

Save the DAY Initiative (STDI)

The program is designed to train children from 4 to 10 years of age in computer programming; these children will be the future of the nation. The emphasis will be on every African child’s learning to develop and build software solutions.

Free the Soul Initiative (FTSI)

The FTSI will be backed by an indirect form of the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. The government supports innovation by cloning technology and science, such as by developing similar technology locally, the way China, India, and Israel do, where software and other technology is introduced but immediately reverse-engineered and customized to fit the local environment. The reverse engineering extends even to military hardware and software, such as Israel’s F-16 military aircraft program, in which everything is modified to fit the needs of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).

Innovation & Technology Body—ITB (An independent body funded by the government and private sector)

The main goal of this organization is to support innovative ideas every year and connect the projects with the right team to help with management, business operations, and exposure to the global market.

Private Global & Local Equity Funding (PGL)

The body will contribute to securing small, medium, and large loans for initiatives that meet robust criteria in solving an African problem and that can be exported to the continent and the world as a whole.

Players: Local, state, and federal players, private sector, schools, religious organizations, international organizations, financial institutions, and multinationals.

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