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Infrastructure-Africa Series

December 28, 2016


Infrastructure in Africa is critical to growth, but the biggest challenge with infrastructure projects has been corruption. Fortunately, there are some proposals by which to mitigate the risk:

Oversight and Control Team (OCT)

The success and timeliness of infrastructure projects must include the elimination of waste in the process. Hence, there is a need to have an independent body that fully discloses findings to the public on a weekly basis regarding the project’s progress. This protocol will help to keep projects transparent and reduce waste and corruption.

National Prioritization Model (NPM)

There is a model that can help determine approval for any important infrastructure model. Citizens will have a say regarding this model that will be independent of the legislative, executive, and judicial arms of the government. It will solely involve feedback from the citizens concerning the greater priority. There have been many instances of infrastructures that ended up being wasteful such as billions in money being invested in a sports stadium’s construction rather than building a top-notch hospital for citizens. Using this formula will allow us to choose objective criteria before projects are approved.

National & Local Public-Private Partnership (PPP Framework establish and awards campaign)

When PPP is encouraged, a high awareness is created for its value and for simplifying the process in communities. (See details of PPP at www.globalsynergyllc.net.)

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