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Energy and Utilities-Africa series

December 28, 2016


The reliance on oil and gas is gradually fading away; the world has made a decision because of global instability to stay away from oil because of the volatility of the regions producing it, hence the opportunity for alternate sources. Africa must be one of the pioneers of nuclear, wind, solar, geothermal, and other alternative energy sources that are readily available. This alternate energy approach is not a fix-it-all approach, but the options mentioned above are ones we can begin working on immediately.

Solar Revolution Program (SRP)

The program will feature a geopolitical movement to provide education on the development and construction of solar panels for immediate use in different areas of the economy. This solar innovation is as natural as energy can get, and we can light all our cities with solar power in a revolutionary way, using it first in pilot villages and then expanding the model outwards.

The Wind Revolution Program

The program will recognize certain cities that can use homemade metals and materials to build windmills across rural areas and generate wind energy across the country. These are not so complicated to implement, but the small incremental changes could revolutionalize a city and create waves of jobs and industries which not only have domestic uses but which can also serve as important exports.

Ethanol Biofuel (corn-based ethanol)

In Africa, mostly tropical weather, harvested corn, and other potential biofuels can revolutionize the supply of energy. With the collaboration of scientific institutions, a pilot model can be created in a rural area and replicated across a nation.

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