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Defense-Africa Series

December 27, 2016


The current state of security within the continent of Africa is disturbing. Why? One cause is an inadequate and poorly-built intelligence capability within the ranks of its member community.

The core of any warfare is in the quality of intelligence received in real time. The era of hardware alone is fading away, and emphasis on quality information and strong cyber capability is defining the warfare of the 21st century.

Now the fun part; let us go rogue!

Future state:

It is a pure waste of time to try to compete with the world on the defense budget. The models recommended are below.

Reverse engineering of technology (RET):

An elite institution will work in conjunction with top African Universities and research centers to de-couple technologies and militarize them with an African twist. This will include major manufacturing of technology with elite technology from Israel, Singapore, South Korea, China as potential partners

Mandatory Military and Leadership (MML)-style training for all students (Example Youth services):

The sole goal is to foster leadership skills, resilience, and critical thinking. The era of coups is over; the AU charter will not recognize coup plotters, so it’s time to build an African military with top notch research and intellectual capability. All graduates from all universities, polytechnic schools, and colleges of education must go through a mandatory military service period in the armed forces that is entirely geared towards building leadership. The goal here is to raise healthy-minded individuals with a sense of duty and community.

Psychology and Social Awareness of Country (PSAC):

The nation will adopt a mindset of togetherness whereby men/women will serve together to protect one another irrespective of their culture, ethnicity, or religion. They will work as comrades who are willing to give their lives for one another. This ethic will certainly reduce divisive tension in the country. As such, the conscious psychological evaluation must be carried out to keep our youths grounded on who they are, their mission, and the “why” of togetherness.

Model Elite Training on Cyber Warfare (METCW):

A focus on cyber warfare can transform the African military forever; the perception and reality must be for hacking and disruptive warfare on the continent. We have gone rogue, but what does this mean? Africa must train the best cyber hackers in the world so that every continent will pay homage to us to ask us to test their technological systems’ vulnerability before they become fully functional. We will raise an army of children who think logically. These thinkers must be the mainstream in Africa whereby the perception of the continent will change forever because of our intellectual capacity. All universities, institutions, and incubator programs must make hacking in programming classes mandatory for all children from primary schools onward. We will then select the elite students from these in the long run. Thus, this cyber program is a marathon and a sprint at the same time.

(To get a full execution blueprint, please contact www.zeistmaster.com or www.globalsynergyllc.net.)

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